Welcome to the Fleximobility website

Fleximobility recognises that almost everyone gets around by a range of transport options. Some of the time. At some points in their life.

Fleximobility supports the development of more flexible travelers and systems which allow for more flexibility in whether and how we get about. On this website we set out a vision where it is normal for people to consider making journeys by a range of modes.

Fleximobility builds on existing social trends, technological change and a recognition that lock-in to our existing policies will not solve the environmental, health, economic and social challenges we face.

We have set out details of the Fleximobility concept in a Green Paper available for download here.

We also have a short consultation survey that we would be grateful if you could fill in if you read the Green Paper.  It is available here.

An online presentation, recorded at a workshop in Leeds describing the Fleximobility concept and the data and research behind it can be viewed here (28 mins).

This website is produced as part of the engagement strategy for the EPSRC/Research Council UK Energy Programme funded project Unlocking Low Carbon Travel, grant number EP/J00460X/1.