We have drawn together data from a range of different approaches, each studying in different ways, how people travel and how they respond to change. Some of these relate to everyday life, some to specific and rare events such as the Olympics and others to some of the unseen changes such as office consolidations which are happening all the time and which matter to how, how much and when we travel.

The flexi-mobility Green Paper has been developed drawing on all of this data through a comparative analytical framework. Various reports and outputs which have been produced as part of this are listed below and others will be added.

Final Fleximobility Brochure

The final brochure on the Fleximobility concept has now been published and can be downloaded here. If you would be interested in any hard copies, please contact

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Report on Council Office Reorganisation

This short report aims to highlight the most important findings to emerge from a survey conducted by the Disruption project into the impacts of the recent workplace reorganisation implemented by the City of York Council (CYC). As part of the reorganisation CYC consolidated its offices and workforce in 2013 from 17 sites to just 2 […]

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Report on Ethnographies of Mobilities and Disruption

Between Spring 2012 and Summer 2014, 23 families and 36 individuals in Brighton, and 16 families and 25 individuals in Lancaster participated in a major ethnographic study of their travel and mobility patterns, with particular focus on how disruptions to their lives affected these. The work forms a significant underpinning to the development of the […]

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Flexi-Mobility: Helping Local Authorities Unlock Low Carbon Travel?

This paper for the 2015 University Transport Studies Group sets out eight key contentions about the need to re-think transport policy that were fundamental in the development of the concept of flexi-mobility. Flexi-Mobility-Helping Local Authorities Unlock Low Carbon Travel

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Click and Collect How changing business practices are changing how we travel

This paper for the Universities Transport Study Group conference explores the findings of a set of semi-structured interviews with grocery retailers and an industry body that supports these retailers. The interviews were aimed at exploring the changing business models that were occurring primarily within the grocery sector, how the grocery sector was responding to these […]

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Disruption Survey Report

This report contains the key statistical information from a questionnaire survey of public experiences of travel disruption in the UK can be found below. Disruption-survey-report The survey was administered to 2700 respondents in six regions in the UK and elicited information relating to perceptions and experiences of travel disruption. Amongst the findings, it was found that 1 in 5 people […]

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York Flood Report

This report by Leeds University gathers together evidence from the flood that occurred in York and some villages and areas to the South of the city (Bishopthorpe, Acaster Malbis, Cawood and Naburn) during Autumn 2012. It draws on interviews and observation with residents and businesses and provides a set of recommendations aimed at increasing local resilience to floods. […]

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Travel Behaviour During the London 2012 Olympics

Below are links to a paper and presentation outlining some of the work done at Leeds University looking at travel behaviour during the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. hEART Powerpoint Parkes, S., G. Marsden & A. Jopson_Sept 2014 Parkes-S.D-G.-Marsden-A.-Jopson.-2014.-The-longevity-of-behaviour-change_hEART-Conference-Paper-2014

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York Bridge Closure Evaluation

Leeds University led an independent evaluation of a trial closure of a key river crossing in York for the City of York Council. The closure banned private cars from using the bridge between 10am in the morning and 5pm at night but was removed at the end of the six month period because of complaints […]

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Draft Fleximobility Green Paper

Our draft Green Paper on Fleximobility released in November 2014 can be down loaded here. Draft Green Paper November 2014

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